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Unico Flexible Tubing System

A traditional HVAC installation requires a system of ductwork throughout a home. The innovative Unico System replaces that ductwork with flexible tubing that runs through walls, ceilings and floors.

The Unico System is both highly efficient and less intrusive than conventional HVAC. For those who are building a new home or remodeling an existing home, it is particularly beneficial because it is easier to install and takes up less space.

By pairing flexible tubing with powerful modular air handlers, the Unico System can fit just about anywhere, and can deliver the same level of cooling as a much larger conventional unit. In addition to being less invasive, the Unico System is also designed to operate as quietly and efficiently as possible, distributing airflow more evenly across a home.

Why Choose Unico?

Small is huge. We fit flexible supply tubing into your existing wall cavities, ceilings and floors instead of conventional duct work. Despite its small footprint, the Unico System modular air handlers circulate air through your home effectively. That means that they deliver the same level of cooling as larger and conventional systems do even though they have a smaller footprint.

Whisper quiet. Producing little noise, our supply tubing is made with a nylon inner core and insulation that absorbs sound. Operating quietly and efficiently, our air handlers isolate sounds and vibration with sound-deadening technology. That means you’ll hardly notice our system doing its work, as you enjoy your comfort.

“This Old House” Partners with Unico for The Cottage at Cloudland Station

The quiet, non-intrusive small-duct HVAC system from Unico is perhaps one of the biggest surprises visitors will see — or more likely not see — at This Old House’s show home near Georgia’s Lookout Mountain. The Unico System is practically invisible in the home due to its small, flexible tubing ducts that weave under floors and inside wall cavities to deliver even, comfortable cooling and heating.

Installing the Unico System made perfect sense for this new “old home” that showcases the best of today’s modern materials and technologies yet hearkens back to days of old with its charming architectural features.

Read the full Case Study: download the PDF (2.2MB)